Welcome to the World of Marketing

In July 2019, I graduated from University with a degree in English Literature. Newly fledged into the world, I eagerly wanted to pursue a creative path, and to try something new. Now, I am working as a marketing assistant with JaxPR, and during my first few weeks with the company, I have gained so much knowledge about the world of marketing which I am bursting to share with you.

Careful Attention to Detail

Having no prior experience working within the marketing sector, I had no idea about the number of internal processes that occur behind the scenes. I have learned that, in order to advertise in an engaging and captivating way, it takes a great deal of organisation, planning, and designing,  within each and every one of these internal processes.  From designing intricate logo designs, and the care that goes into branding as a whole, to the wide level of thought that goes into social media management, the planning that goes into these individual processes is crucial for successful marketing.

However, overwhelmingly, one of the most important things I have learned so far is that, in marketing, everything is thought out to the smallest detail. For instance, during my first experiences with social media management, which involved creating and publishing social media posts on Instagram and Facebook, I was amazed by the thought that goes into every single detail, including images, colours, patterns, themes, and captions. As well, the dates and times that social media posts are published are scheduled weeks, and sometimes months, in advance.  As a result, I have come to understand that it is this close attention to detail that makes social media catch the eye and look professional, and therefore it ensures information is communicated effectively to the public. This has taught me the necessity of careful attention to detail, and also forward planning, in every single marketing process.

Collaborating in New Ways

As well as gaining knowledge about the internal processes that occur within marketing, I have also become exposed to new methods of communicating and collaborating with others. In my previous work experiences, I would rely on emailing to share ideas with other colleagues. I had certainly never heard of the website Trello. However, now, I regularly use this digital platform to organise and plan ideas with other colleagues. On Trello,  you can map out current and upcoming projects on cards, and add comments in order to keep all members informed of any updates relating to the work. I really enjoy using Trello, as it allows us to all stay connected, and work collectively as a team, so that we can create, develop, and strengthen our ideas together.

To summarise my initial experiences within the world of marketing, these first few weeks working with JaxPR have really opened my eyes to the extreme level of thought that goes into every process. I have learned valuable new skills in advertising, planning and communicating, and I look forward to what each new week will teach me.

Megan Painter

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